Control unit (12 outputs)


Control unit (DMC-012-003)



Description : 

Our 12 bipolar relay outputs (10A) module is designed to simplify the management of various functions in your home, including connected sockets, lighting, shutters and much more.

With extensions, the module can manage up to 48 outputs when configured in master mode.

Thanks to its single control bus, you can centralise control of all these elements efficiently.

The control unit allows remote management via :

Our Home Connect© application and/or the Home on Web© web application:


So you can manage your system using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can also use voice assistants to manage your installation:


** Via Homebridge non-owner gateway

Main features :

  • Integrated WiFi module: for Home Manager© programming and Home Connect© remote management
  • Compatible with various voice assistants
  • Single control bus for managing the various functions
  • Scenario management
  • Extended group management for more functions (up to 22 groups)

Programming modes: remote control, relay/pulse, ON/OFF timer, restart timer (Timer On), presence simulation, detector, dimmer stop***, dimmer continuous***, RGB red, green and blue****, shutter down (odd-numbered output only), shutter UP (even-numbered output only) and single pushbutton (odd-numbered output only)

  • A single button can be used to raise and lower the shutters
  • Management of long press as 2nd push-button function (all off, groups, etc.)
  • RGB(W)* LED management (0/1-10V signal – via DMA-004-004 extension module)
  • Dimming management** (via dimmable extension module)

*The red, green and blue RGB type must be configured on 3 consecutive outputs and must correspond to a 0/1-10V dimmer module (DMA-004-004).

**Dimmer functions only work with dimmer extension modules.

Programmable in 2 ways:

1) Using the 6 buttons and LCD display
The 6 buttons are used to navigate through the menus:

  • The ENTER button confirms the selection or enters the sub-menu.
  • The BACK button is used to go back or exit the current menu.
  • The UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT buttons are used to navigate through the menus and select configuration options.

2) Using our Home Manager© application with any computer, smartphone or tablet:

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The integrated WiFi module can operate as an access point (you can connect directly to the module without having a router or an Internet connection) or as a client (the module connects to your router), or both simultaneously.

Technical data:

  • Supply voltage: 100-240V / Frequency: 50-60 Hz (1A internal fuse)
  • Number of outputs per module: 12 x 10A/250VAC bipolar outputs
    • Max AC load: 2500VA resistive load
    • Max AC load: 750VA inductive load
    • Single-phase 230Vac motor: max 370W
    • Max starting current: 120A, max 5ms
  • Identification module bus: 10Vdc SELV on 2 non-polarised wires.
  • Communication bus between modules: RS485
  • Overall dimensions: 12 modules
  • Maximum number of outputs: 48 (in “master” mode)
  • WIFI 2.4Ghz connection
  • Insulation level: Double insulation in accordance with IEC/EN60601-1

Product reference(s):

  • DMC-012-003 : module 12 bipolar outputs 10A
  • KIT (can be sold as a kit under reference DKS-012-003) this includes: a master module of 12 bipolar relay outputs 10A DMC-012-003 (with 12 x DMI-006-001)


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