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At DOMESTIA, we’re convinced that experience in home automation is of significant added value to any electrician!

The watchword at Domestia has always been ‘accessibility’, both in terms of prices and ease of use and programming.

At Domestia

We offer training at the brand’s headquarters in a room specially designed for this purpose.

In schools

We organise training sessions in specialist schools.

For our resellers

Presentations of our different products to be able to propose, identify and sell a connected installation.

Video material will be available soon.

Why follow Domestia training ?​

You learn to use and install our products and discover their functions and features.

Training on Domestia home automation products can enable you to acquire specialist knowledge and skills in the home automation field, which can help you develop your career or start a new career in this field.

Home automation is a field that is constantly changing, with new technologies and new products appearing on a regular basis. By following training on Domestia products, you can keep up to date with the latest trends and  technologies, allowing you to remain at the forefront of your field.

You’ll become familiar with our different materials.  To sell a product, you must above all know it, define its target and choose a good sales and communication strategy.

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