Bring comfort to your home

Your connected home meets your needs

Relieve yourself of certain tasks. 

Opening the shutters, checking whether your young children have switched the lights off, not forgetting to switch on the automatic garden sprinkler, etc.

All these tasks can cause stress every day. Being able to program them as you wish will save you time and remove your worries.

control the temperature

You want to come home to a warm house but you don’t want to leave the heating on all day. SOLUTION: just before you come home, you can activate your heating remotely to prepare your house.

create your scenarios

Imagine creating a ‘TV’ scenario: you can select a series of tasks that will activate automatically when you choose this scenario.

For example, a higher temperature in the living room, the shutters down and the light dimmed.

Protect your health from electromagnetic fields

Did you know? 

Any electrical installation creates an electromagnetic field around it. These magnetic fields are only apparent when the current goes through a conductor. Turning off all the electricity at night enables you to get rid of these harmful waves.

Home automation for independence ...

Home automation can, in certain cases, act as an assistant. If the system is connected to a voice assistant, it can enable people with reduced mobility or who have difficulties moving around or handling everyday objects (remote controls, phone, etc.) to gain greater independence.

Home Connect

A simple app with a user-friendly interface

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