More than a brand
a concept

home automation at your fingertips

We provide our customers with quality products and services at affordable prices, with a focus on innovation and service. So the management of your home is in your hands.


The company D-Tech Electronic, founded in 2004, created the Domestia brand in 2006.

OUR business

We develop our own products and provide them to our partner resellers.


Our products are designed in-house by the brand’s developers.

Domestia products are designed and assembled in Belgium.

Our mission

Domestia undertakes to provide you with an efficient, reliable home automation system that’s easy to use and install and above all 100% DESIGNED IN BELGIUM.



If there’s one thing that counts for us, it’s being able to guarantee proximity with all our partners. You’ll be supported throughout our collaboration.

Home automation is a new technology and belongs to a market which is continuing to expand rapidly. Our team aims to provide you with products that meet your needs and evolve with the market.


You’re unique and as a result your projects are too. This is why talking to our partners is important. It enables us to get to know your expectations and provide you with the products that suit you best.

DOMESTIA offers you

Our installations are deliberately easy to install and use. Applications developed in-house enable you to control the system easily with devices that you’re used to using, like your smartphones. Domestia products are based on logic and designed to offer a system at every user’s fingertips.

A basic Domestia installation already enables a multitude of built-in functions that will improve your comfort and save you time every day.

Each installation can be upgraded over time by adding modular features to adjust the lighting, manage the blinds, shutters, etc.

Furthermore, our systems are regularly updated. 

Installing a home automation system will enable you to manage your energy consumption better. This optimised management will reduce your bills.

A home automation system isn’t merely an effective management tool – it makes your life easier.

You can automate everyday actions, create a pleasant atmosphere in your living rooms and plan atmospheres for specific events…

No longer feel anxiety when you leave your home: a lamp that has been left on stops being a worry.

Your home’s security is also under control, thanks to the ‘intrusion’ scenarios you can create.

To design your projects, we support installers, architects and design offices in carrying out personalised studies.

Home Connect

A simple app with a user-friendly interface

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