Save energy every day

Consume less and better

A home automation system helps you save energy.

Find out how !



Learn to manage your energy consumption

Centralizing the management of your systems (lighting, heating, etc.) and even some of your electrical appliances via our interfaces will make you pay more attention to the management of these than before.

Functionalities such as remote management or programming will make you behave more economically with regard to your energy consumption.

Considerable savings on your bills !

Smart management enables you to avoid unnecessary consumption.

Save up to 15% on your energy bills.

The main added value of a home automation installation is its energy savings.

Adopt an "eco-responsible" attitude

Did you know? 

A home automation system enables you to manage your energy consumption better, and as a result, you use the energy your need for your home and avoid overconsumption. In this way, you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

So you’re doing a good deed for the environment and lessening the burden on your wallet.

Dimming to consume less

Dimming enables you to control the intensity of your lighting.

If your lighting is constantly on maximum intensity, you consume much more than if you vary it, for example, according to the outdoor light.


Home Connect

A simple app with a user-friendly interface

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