Control unit (8 outputs)


Control unit (8 outputs) 


Equipped with 8 relay outputs, this card is capable of operating alone, in “master” mode with a maximum of 48 outputs (with relay modules, dimmers 230V or 0 / 1-10V depending on the number of connected expansion modules) or “slave” mode of another card via its RS485 port. It is equipped with 12 digital inputs that can be configured individually according to the needs of the installation or for use in stand-alone mode. A single control bus supports mixed functions such as sockets, lights, shutters.

Its small size case makes it extremely compact and ergonomic.

In addition, this newcomer in our range offers a great flexibility of installation thanks to an LCD screen placed on the front of the module.

This relay module 8 circuits is programmable in 2 ways:

1) At the start of the 6 keys provided and accompanied by an LCD screen

The 6 buttons allow to navigate in the menus:

· The ENTER button validates the selection or enters the submenu
· The BACK button allows you to go back or leave the current menu
· The UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT buttons allow you to navigate menus and select setup options

2) Using our Home Manager © app with any computer, smartphone or tablet (available on the Apple Store, Google Play and Windows)

The built-in WiFi module of the 8-circuit relay module can operate as an access point (you can connect directly to the 8-circuit relay module is connected without having a router or internet connection) or as a client (the 8-circuit relay module is connects to your router for greater reach) or both simultaneously.

Main features:

– Programming the module via the 6 keys with the LCD screen or via Home Manager ©
– The 8 circuits relay module is equipped with a WiFi module for the programmation and now also for remote management

– Unique control bus for managing different functions (lights, shutters, sockets …)
– Scenario management
– Expanded group management with more features (up to 22 groups): Toggle switch, All-on, off-all, scenarios, UP pane, DOWN pane, presence simulation
– Management of the long press as 2nd function of a push button (all-off, groups …)
– Management of RGB LEDs (0 / 1-10V signal – via extension module)

Compatible Domestia applications :

Compatible voice assistants :


** Via non-owner gateway Homebridge

Product references:

  • DMC-008-001: Card with  8 relay 16A outputs
  • KIT (can be sold as a kit under the reference DKS-008-001) this includes: a  8 unipolar 16A outputs card DMC-008-001 + ( 8 x DMI-006-001)

Where to buy ?

Download instructions

Download technical file

Technical details :

  • Power supply: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz
  • Number of relay outputs: 8 relay outputs 16A / 250 VAC
  • Module’s identification bus: ~10 Vdc
  • 6 keys for programming via LCD display
  • Communication bus between cards: RS485
  • Space requirement: 9 modules
  • Normal operation: blue and red LEDs for bus commands are not lit
  • Indicator for communication with other modules: the blue LED of the AB(GND) terminal is lit

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