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DOMESTIA enables you to manage your connected home with total ease so that it meets your everyday needs. You can control your system and you can make changes when you wish.


What is a scenario? A scenario is a command that you have personalised. When you select it, a series of actions you have chosen beforehand are activated. 


After sunset or sunrise or at (a) specific date(s) and time(s).


A system that adapts to your habits

Home automation can help improve routines in several ways. Home automation consists of automating tasks and smart home management with technologies such as sensors, remote control systems and voice assistants.

Your day is prepared behind the scenes...

The Domestia intelligent management unit adjusts the temperature according to your needs and your morning habits.


The shutters open...

The shutters are raised gently to let in the light. In winter, for example, program the following scenario: the system switches on the lighting at 30%, allowing your eyes to open gently.


Boost your day...

A hot shower and a good cup of coffee help you start the day. You listen to the weather report to dress up without any surprises.


A pleasant wake-up call...

The temperature is now perfectly set. Your alarm clock goes off and the music from your phone wakes you up nicely.


The house guides you in the morning...

Now that you have opened your eyes, the house detects your movements and activates the lights in your hall. Domestia guides you safely to your bathroom.


Leave in peace...


It's time to go to work. The house switches off all appliances and closes the roller shutters. Your house is peaceful, safe and under control.

Your own scenarios

Set up your routines and change them whenever you want!

Create scenarios via Home Connect or Home Manager. You can also, if you wish, pair your Domestia system with a voice assistant. Our system is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

Features of the scenario and event

Easily configurable

Just use the intuitive ‘Home Connect’ app.

All the solutions can be programmed via the ‘group’ feature.

Infinitely modifiable

You can create up to 22 different scenarios and change them if they no longer suit you.

Inspiration for scenarios

"Security" - scenario

Your alarm system can communicate with your home automation system. Actions could be programmed based on the triggering of the alarm.

You will then have the possibility to receive a notification, and based on this, you can activate the scenario. A typical scenario for switching on all the lights and opening all the shutters.

"Yoga" - scenario

You often do Yoga sessions at home.

Add a ‘Yoga’ scenario to design your own environment. 

For example, the shutters are down, the light is dimmed as far as possible, and the TV and LED strips are on. This is of course an example you can imagine many other things.

Home Connect

A simple app with a user-friendly interface

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