Additional management Unit


Additionnal management unit (DME-LAN-002)



Description : 

The additional management unit DME-LAN-002 allows the number of connections to be increased from 48 to 192 outputs. It can therefore be used to manage larger systems. It can only be used in master mode with other modules: DMC-008-001, DMC-012-003/5, DML-004-002 …

This is also the module you need if you want the following solutions and want to upgrade your installation:

  • Time management with astronomical clock for lighting and shutters
  • Temperature measurement using DMCT-001-001 sensors
  • Measuring brightness and/or humidity with DMCS-001-001 sensors

Equipped with an Ethernet port (RJ45), the additional management unit enables :

Programming via our  Home manager© application:

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Remote management via our Home Connect©  application and/or the Home on Web© web application. So you can manage your additional management unit using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Voice recognition with :


** Via Homebridge non-owner gateway


Good to know: If you don’t yet have the latest versions of the DMC-008-001 and DMC-012-003 boards, which come with an integrated WiFi module, don’t worry! You can upgrade your installation by adding the DME-LAN module. This option will allow you to take full advantage of our applications and, as a result, access simple and practical remote management.

Main functions:

  • Time management :

Based on the astronomical clock: enables events to be predefined according to the day, time or sunset/sunrise.

Or on the basis of a precise timetable: programming of event(s) at a specific time.

  • Managing shutters, curtains and blinds
  • Presence simulation management
  • Temperature management: acquisition of temperature(s) in different zones (max: 32) and management of contact(s) according to user-defined temperatures.
  • DMX512 output (max 192 addresses): enables ON/OFF or dimmable lighting to be controlled via the DMX512 protocol.
  • Management of the long press as a second function of a push button (all-purpose switch, groups, other output, etc.)
  • A single button can be used to raise and lower shutters
  • Group management
  • Extended scenario management

Programming modes: remote switch, relay/pulse, ON/OF timer, restart timer (timer ON), presence simulation, detector, dimmer, continuous dimmer, red, green and blue RGB, shutter down (odd-numbered output only), shutter UP (even-numbered output only) and single pushbutton (odd-numbered output only).

  • RGB(W) LED management (0/1-10V signal – via DMA-004-004 extension module)
  • Dimming management (via dimmable extension module or via DMX 512 protocol).

Technical data:

  • Power supply: 100-240 VAC / Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • 4 identification module buses: 10VDC on 2 non-polarised wires
  • Communication bus between modules: RS485
  • Dimensions 9 modules

Product reference(s):

  • DME-LAN-002 : additionnal management unit

Additional products* :

  • Temperature sensor – DMCT-001-001
  • Luminosity or humidity sensor – DMCS-001-001

*Products required for certain functions

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