Extension module 4 outputs DALI broadcast


Extension module




Description :

The DMD-004-002 module is an extension module with 4 DALI broadcast outputs.

It enables 4 DALI lines to be managed in broadcast mode (maximum 64 DALI-compatible luminaires per line).

The module can operate in slave or STAND ALONE mode:

In slave mode, with the 12 relay output module DMC-012-003, 8 relay output module DMC-008-001 or our additional management unit DME-LAN-002 via the RS485 communication bus.

In “STAND ALONE” mode, it can be controlled directly by push-button.

This module can now be configured via the Home manager© application:

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Technical data :

  • Alimentation:100-240VAC/Fréquence:50-60Hz
  • Number of outputs available: 4 outputs with a maximum of 64 luminaires per DALI line.
  • Each output has its own internal fuse
  • Communication bus between modules: RS485
  • Overall dimensions: 5 modules
  • No DALI power supply required

Product reference(s):

DMD-004-002 : Expansion module (4 DALI broadcast outputs)

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