Extension module 4 outputs DALI broadcast


Extension module with 4 DALI broadcast


The DMD-004-002 module is an extension module with 4 DALI broadcast outputs : it can work as a slave with our START Kit DKS/DMC-012-003, our DKS/DMC -008-001 or our DME-LAN-002 control module via the RS485 communication-bus.

It can also be used as a stand-alone module, controlled directly by a push-button*.

It can be used to control 4 DALI lines (Maximum 64 lights per line) in Broadcast mode.

It is equipped with 2 buttons :

BP-Mode which manages the minimum intensity level of each channel (configuration also possible via the Domestia app ‘Home Manager’).

BP-Adres for easy manual addressing.

*Stand-alone function also available !

How it works :

Pushing and holding a push-button will dim the associated output.  Pushing briefly when the output is lit will turn off this output. Pushing briefly when the output is off will light up the associated output to the same luminosity as when it was turned off.

Download instructions 

Download technical file


Technical details :

  • Power supply : 230Vac/50Hz. +/- 10%
  • Quantity outputs available : 4 outputs with maximum 64 lights per DALI-line
  • Communication-bus (between the modules) : RS485
  • Size : 5 modules
  • No additional DALI-supply required

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