Extension module (4 dimmable outputs LED compatible)


Extension module (4 dimmable outputs LED compatible)


The “DML-004-003” module is a 4-output dimmer extension module (4x250W).

What’s new?

  • No more encoding wheels, addressing is now done via an Adres button or the Home Manager application
  • The configuration of the type of load and the minimum level is also done via Home Manager or manually

It is connected to our Starter Kit or to our management unit via communication bus RS485. It can also be autonomous (“standalone” mode) and managed directly via a push-button including all on or all off functions.

It can be used to vary the brightness of 4 light circuits of the following types: LEDs/dimmable energy-saving bulb/incandescent bulb/halogen 110-240 VAC (50-60Hz)/halogen 12V (via transformer adapted to the dimmer).

Dimmer mode can be selected output by output as “leading edge” or “trailing edge”.

Operating principle :
When a push button is being pushed, the associated output will be dimmed. A brief press of the PB when the output is “on” will turn the latter off. A brief press on the PB when the output is “off” will turn the output on at the last brightness applied to this output.


Download instructions

Download technical file

Technical details:

  • Power: 100-240 VAC/50-60Hz
  • Number of outlets available: 4 outlets each with a maximum power of 250W
  • The outlets are protected against short-circuits and overheating
  • Communication bus between the cards: RS485
  • Size: 9 modules
  • Selection of the output address via 2 address dials
  • “Trailing Edge” or “Leading Edge” dimmer (selection of the operating mode for each channel individually)

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