Extension module (12 relay outputs)


Extension module (DMC-012-003 S)




Description : 

The DMC-012-003 S module is designed to function as a slave module with one of the following as the master module:

A 12-relay output card DMC-012-002
An 8-relay output card DMC-008-001
A control card Unit Management DME-LAN-002

A DMC-012-003 S type extension allows for the addition of 12 extra outputs.

The DMI bus loop must be connected only to the master card.

The cards must be interconnected with 3 wires: RS485 Bus (A, B, and GND).
Note: It is possible to distribute cards across several electrical panels (for example, one panel in the basement and another in the attic) by interconnecting the RS485 bus between the different electrical panels. The buttons must always revert to the master card.


For more information on the chaining and addressing of the modules, please consult the user manual.

Technical Data :

  • Power supply voltage: 100-240V / Frequency: 50-60 Hz (Internal fuse 1A)
  • Number of outputs per module: 12 bipolar outputs of 10A/250VAC
  • Max AC load: 2500VA resistive load
  • Max AC load: 750VA inductive load
  • Single-phase motor 230Vac: max 370W
  • Maximum starting current: 120A, max 5ms
  • Communication bus between modules: RS485
  • Space requirement: 12 modules
  • WIFI connection 2.4Ghz
  • Insulation level: Double insulation according to IEC/EN60601-1

Product Reference(s) :
  • DMC-012-003 S: Card with 12 unipolar 16A outputs
  • KIT (can be sold as a  kit under the referenceDKS-012-003 S) this includes: a card with 12 unipolar 16A outputs DMC-012-003 S + (12 x DMI-006-001)

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