Extension module (12 relay outputs)


Extension module (12 relay outputs)
DMC-012-003 S
The module DMC-012-003S is a slave module that allows to extend the number of outputs (12 additional outputs) of a Domestia installation.
These outputs can be lights and/or shutters.You can use as a master module: the new 12 relay outputs module(DMC-012-003), the 8 relay outputs module (DMC-008-001) or the additional management unit (DME-LAN-002).With the slave card it is not possible to program a system.



Product references:

  • DMC-012-003 S: Card with 12 unipolar 16A outputs
  • KIT (can be sold as a  kit under the reference DKS-012-003 S) this includes: a card with 12 unipolar 16A outputs DMC-012-003 S + (12 x DMI-006-001)

Download instructions

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Technical details :
  • Voltage : 100-240V / Frequency : 50-60 Hz (Internal fuse 1A)
  • Relay: maximum rated current 10A/250Vac
  • Space requirement : 12 modules
  • Bus of communication between the modules : RS485
  • Insulation level : Double insulation according to IEC/EN60601-1

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