Temperature control sensor


Temperature control sensor DMCT-001-001

The “DMCS-001-001” module is a temperature, luminosity and humidity sensor: it is connected to our “DME-LAN-002” by communication bus RS485 (This module is supplied with temperature probe).

This module allows:

• Temperature, luminosity and humidity measurements in a specific area.
• Management of contacts depending on the temperatures, luminosity, humidity defined by the user.
• Measurement precision of 0.1°C.
• Luminosity accurate to within 1 Lx.
• Level of humidity accurate to within 0.5%

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Technical details :

  • Power: 16VDC provided by additional management module DME-LAN-002.
  • Communication bus: RS485.
  • Size: to be housed in a housing box.
  • Maximum 32 sensors.

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