Identification module


Identification module DMI-006-001


Description :

The DMI-006-001 module is an identification module designed to fit into an embedded mounting block. One module allows for the connection of 6 push-buttons associated with any command. The module’s response is in real-time, so there is no address loss.

The modules can be wired as desired: in a bus configuration, in a star configuration, or both simultaneously.


Possible inputs :

  • “Supplier-free” push-button providing a potential-free contact
  •  Twilight sensor
  • Motion detector providing a potential-free contact with or without a delay (pause in detection for a certain period)
  • Alarm system providing a potential-free contact in case of intrusion. This can, for example, turn on all the lights in the house.
  • Any other input providing a potential-free contact.

Technical Data :

  • 2 black wires: non-polarized bus
  • 6 blue wires: potential-free inputs
  • 1 yellow wire: common
  • Dimensions: designed to fit into an embedded mounting block

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