Identification module


Identification module DMI-006-001

The “DMI-006-001” module is an identification module intended to be housed in a switch box. A module for connecting 6 push buttons associated with any command. The response from the module is in real time so there is no loss of address.

Possible inputs:

– Any brand of push button switch providing a potential-free contact.

– Dusk (signal from astro clock)

– Movement sensor providing a delayed potential-free contact (cessation of the detection for a certain period).

– Alarm providing a potential-free contact during an intrusion. This can light up the whole house for example.

– Any other input providing a potential-free contact.


The modules can be wired either:

– In a bus chain

– In a star

– Or both simultaneously


Download technical file

Technical details :

  • 2 black wires: non-polarised bus.
  • 6 blue wires: free of polarity inlets.
  • 1 yellow wire: common.
  • Size: to be housed in a switch box.

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