Identification module with LED control


Identification module



Description :

The DMI-006-001 module is an identification module designed to be fitted in a flush-mounted socket. One module can be used to connect 6 push-buttons associated with any control.

The module responds in real time, so there is no loss of address.

Modules can be wired in bus, star or both simultaneously.

Possible input types :

  • Push button “supplier free” providing a potential free contact
  • Motion detector providing a potential-free contact with a time delay (detection stops for a certain time) or not
    Alarm providing a potential-free contact in the event of an intrusion. Allows, for example, the whole house to be switched on
    any other input providing a potential-free contact

Données techniques :

  • 2 fils noirs : bus non polarisé
  • 6 fils bleus : entrées libres de potentiel
  • 1 fil jaune : commun
  • Encombrement : prévu pour se loger dans un blochet d’encastrement

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