Happy New Year 2023
Dear customers,

At the approach of Christmas and new Year holidays, the whole team of Domestia would like to present their best wishes!

The occasion for us to inform you as well that our offices will be closed from 23/12/22 to 06/01/23 included. Please be reassured, a permanence will be organized. You may contact sales@domestia.be or support@domestia.be.

Best wishes !
Two new references
Firstly, the DET-005-004, which is a colour touch screen for viewing and managing, in real time, an installation with a DMC-012-003, DMC-008-001 (configured as master) or DME-LAN-002. 

This concerns the management of lighting, shutters and scenarios. For the DME-LAN-002, which offers additional possibilities, temperature, brightness, humidity, DMX512 protocol and events can also be managed. 

With its arrival, the DET-005-004 replaces the DET-005-003, which is no longer available.

Secondly, the POE-001-001, Gigabit PoE+ Injector, which is an injector to power the DET-005-004 display via a single network cable.
Something new for the extension module with 4 dimmable outputs LED-compatible!
The novelties keep on arriving at Domestia! 

As this module replaces the previous reference DML-004-002, this extension module DML-004-003 also comes with its share of new features that make it simpler and more intuitive.

  • The outputs’ addressing can be done via an address button or from our app Home Manager, there are no code wheels anymore
  • The setting of the lamp type and the minimum intensity can be adjusted manually or from our app Home Manager
Would you like to dim your lights, discover (or discover again) the extension module with 4 dimmable outputs LED-compatible (new reference : DML-004-003) here

For all your questions or needs for information related to our new reference we remain to your disposal:

By phone on the +32 4 372 07 16 
By e-mail to  support@domestia.be
Renewal in the Domestia range!
We had announced it to you and here it is : the new 12 relay-outputs module.

Available in a master or slave design, this new  12 relay-outputs module has been developed to replace the older modules DKS/DMC-012-002 and DKV/DMCV-006-002 which are therefore definitely out of our assortment.

What does this module offer ?

- The managing of mixed functions (lamps, electrical sockets, shutters) : via a unique order bus and not limited to lights or shutters

- A simplified programming : place for the integrated LCD display and its 6 programming buttons or our app Home Manager©*

- A connected control* : with the app Home Connect©, Home on Web© or a voice assistant
Discover it, don’t wait longer : https://domestia.be/en/catalogue-de-produits/domotique/domestia/new-module-12-relay-outputs-10a/11-1 

* Only possible from a master module
New ! Your can have your Domestia installation controlled with the Apple « Home » app
Your installation (with our modules DMC-008-001 and DME-LAN-002) can from now on be managed on the hand of the « Home » app as well as with Siri from all your Apple devices ! 

We explain you the way to build the bridge between your Domestia installation and the « Home » app here

Start now creating your own routines !

Our team remains of course still available and reachable for all your questions or in case you have any problem :
By phone on the +32 4 372 07 16
By e-mail to support@domestia.be
Something new for our 8 relay outputs DMC-008-001
Dear customers,

The DMC-008-001 module  from now on be remotely controlled thanks to Home Connect (our app), Home On Web (our Webpage) and to your voice via the Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistents!

This same module includes a Wifi-card that was only usable during the programmation with Home Manager. From now it can also let you remotely control your Domestia installation without having to add any other supplementary module to your system.

There is however a simple configuration needed to establish an Internet connection: the configuration

In case you have any problem or a question to ask us, we’ll remain available for you by phone at number +32 4 372 07 16 and by e-mail at the address support@domestia.be
From now on Domestia is compatible with Amazon’Alexa!
If you already have a DME-LAN-002 module in your Domestia installation, you can now guide it by voice with a new assistant ; as Domestia is already compatible with Google Home you can now remotely manage your Domestia system with Alexa! 

To control your installation has never been so easy : by voice have Alexa your shutters pulled down, your lightings turned on,  your heating adjusted or your Smart TV turned on. 
You even can create your own scenario’s based on expressions like : saying « Alexa, goodmorning » ; your shutters are getting raised, your room lightings are turned on up to 50%, your bathroom’s heating is adapted on 22 degrees and Alexa is giving you the weather forecast of the day. 

Nothing could be easier to install and use ! 

Upload here our user guide
Our new HOME CONNECT © Domestia application!
We promised you! that's it, it's here: our new HOME CONNECT © Domestia application!

An application resolutely turned towards a total control of the autonomy of your home.

Compatible with Android and iOS, your connected home will offer you extensive possibilities for your remote management.

Thanks to

- a simplified interface and its navigation,

- a real-time view at home as if you were there,

- a notification system alerting you in the event of unexpected use of your installation,

you benefit from intelligent and reassuring management of your home.

Don't delay and download it right away! Domestia is now even more within reach!

Google Play : Domestia Home Connect

iOS : Domestia Home Connect

Domestia propose des formations en ligne !
Alors que la vie reprend petit à petit son cours, nous vous annonçons avec joie la réouverture partielle de nos bureaux ! Pendant le confinement, nous ne nous sommes pas reposés sur nos lauriers, découvrez tout ce que nous vous avons concocté pour la reprise !

·      Des formations en ligne 

Notre maître-mot a toujours été « l’accessibilité », afin de vous offrir des produits de qualité à un prix abordable.

Aujourd’hui, plus que jamais, nous souhaitons être en lien privilégié avec nos clients.

Afin de garantir notre sécurité à tous et de respecter les mesures liées au coronavirus, nous vous proposons des formations en ligne.

Découvrez nos formules spécialement étudiées pour répondre à vos besoins spécifiques afin d’assurer la continuité de vos projets durant cette période !

GRATUIT sur simple inscription !


Bénéfices et avantages de ces formations en ligne :

·       Vous découvrez ou redécouvrez notre gamme de produits

·       Vous vous familiarisez avec nos différentes possibilités de programmation et de gestion d’une installation de base et connectée

·       Vous intégrez tous les avantages offerts par nos produits allant du câblage à la programmation

·       Vous vous perfectionnez dans l’utilisation de nos produits

·       Vous continuez à planifier vos différents projets et orientez vos clients parfaitement en fonction de leurs besoins spécifiques en garantissant les règles de distanciation physiques


4 modules de formations en ligne proposés :


Module de base 1 – Kit Start

Présentation du « Kit Start », notre produit phare qui se place comme « entrée de gamme » pour toute installation domotique. 


  • Présentation de l’ensemble de la gamme des produits Domestia pour une installation de base.
  • Présentation du « Kit Start ».
  • Explication du principe de câblage sur installation de base
  • Principe de programmation à partir des 5 touches du « Kit Start ».
  • Différence des possibilités d’extension sur une installation de base.
  • Questions/réponses.

Un PowerPoint vous détaillera pas à pas ce module de présentation.


Cette formation sur mesure est destinée à l’installateur résidentiel et tertiaire



Aucun prérequis nécessaire.






Max. 15


Module de base 2 – DMC-008-001

Le DMC-008-001 est notre tout nouveau venu dans la gamme Domestia.  Equipé de relais intelligents, il allie performance et technologie.

Parmi les nombreux avantages qu’il offre, citons, notamment, un bus de commande unique avec la prise en charge de fonctions mixtes telles que prises, éclairages, barrières, volets.  Toutes ces fonctionnalités sur une seule carte !

La programmation s’effectue, au choix, en manuel avec 6 touches ou via l’application de programmation Home Manager©.



  •  Présentation du DMC-008-001.
  • Rappel des possibilités de programmation avec une installation de base.
  • Nouvelles installations possibles par rapport à un module de base Kit Start
  • Explication des différentes possibilités de programmation.
  • Questions/réponses.

Un PowerPoint vous détaillera pas à pas ce module de présentation.



Cette formation sur mesure est destinée à l’installateur résidentiel et tertiaire



Aucun prérequis nécessaire.






Max. 15




Module 3 – Programmation avec HOME MANAGER©

HOME MANAGER© est l'application officielle que Domestia a pris soin de développer pour les installateurs agréés. Cette application offre une configuration simplifiée, dynamique et ergonomique.


Avec Home Manager©, la configuration de votre installation s’effectue simplement via votre Ordinateur, smartphone ou tablette. Vous programmez votre éclairage, vos volets, stores, barrières, votre température et bien plus encore !



  • Présentation des fonctionnalités de Home Manager et sa logique de programmation.
  • Rappel des possibilités de programmation sur une installation Domestia de base.
  • Programmation d’une installation avec des fonctionnalités étendues via notre application.
  • Questions/réponses.


Un PowerPoint vous détaillera pas à pas ce module de présentation.



Cette formation sur mesure est destinée à l’installateur résidentiel et tertiaire



Il est préférable que les participants disposent d’une connaissance de base en Domestia.






Max. 15


Module 4 - Domestia « Tailor-made »

Une formation sur mesure !  Nous vous accompagnons et répondons directement à vos différentes questions concernant un de vos projet en cours ou un futur projet.  Nos conseils personnalisés vous seront d’une aide précieuse dans cet accompagnement sur mesure.  Nous vous fournissons des schémas et explications détaillés afin d’avancer à vos côtés et ce même à distance !

Contactez-nous via notre site web pour une demande personnalisée !




  •  Questions/réponses.
  •   Etude sur plans. (Si nécessaire)



Cet accompagnement sur mesure est destiné à l’installateur résidentiel et tertiaire



Aucun prérequis nécessaire.






Max. 15
Domestia is now compatible with Google Home!
Are you a home automation enthusiast? Know that with Domestia and Google Home, you can now control your entire installation by voice from a simple small box and control your entire home.

We waited for this advance with impatience. It's possible now!

In your sweetest voice or in a hurry, you can fully control your Domestia installation with Google Home voice recognition.

No need, for example, to search for hours your smartphone under the cushions of the sofa to activate the air conditioning or lower the blinds of your installation.

A word, a gesture, Google Home and Domestia do the rest.

What is Google Home?

Google Home is a family of connected speakers associated with a smart personal assistant. They are equipped with a speaker and 1 to 6 microphones depending on the model, which allow the devices to react to the voice commands of users.

How Domestia works with Google Home?

Control, organize and manage your home automation system, from a single interface (the Google Home app works as a remote compatible with connected devices of major brands).

Google Home, now compatible with Domestia, promises greater complementarity and flexibility in your connected installation ...

This compatibility provides many benefits: ease of use and time savings. For example, thanks to Google Home, you can, in addition to your home automation system, configure other devices. Imagine that you are installing Domestia home automation in a part of your home; while on the floor, you only have connected lamps, and now you can turn your home (home automation and connected lamps) on or off with a simple voice request.

You install Google Home to drive Domestia home automation in a while. The procedure to follow is simple and fast, two configuration manipulations:

1. Set up your Google Home with the Google Home app.
2. In the app, link your Google and Domestia accounts.

Then it becomes child's play: a simple request "OK, Google turns the living room on 50%", and you sit on your couch!

You must first have a Master control module (DME-LAN-002) in your facility. If this is not the case, contact your installer.

At Domestia, we are proud to announce this new feature and we do not doubt the great success that such a breakthrough will win for our ever-increasing number of customers!
Domestia, the art of training.
At Domestia we believe that the key to success lies in learning.
This is one of the reasons we join the faculty to put into practice what is seen in class.

We invest a lot of our time in training to give tomorrow's technicians the tools they need to work in the world of work.

The objective of our training

By joining theory to practice, we want to add value to the methodology addressed in the classroom. We want to popularize the use of home automation by Domestia home automation training and highlight its full potential.

The public of our trainings

They aim to train young BAC1 young people, young people in vocational guidance, as well as students in the 1st head of enterprise. The latter, who have been working for a year in companies, are particularly interested in our practical sessions.

In the words of Professor Galiotto of IFAPME de Verviers:
 "The students are very interested and have followed the training very diligently"

The attractiveness of our courses

Far from the theory and its sometimes complicated notions, the punctual sessions proposed by our trainer Joaquin Infante immerse the students in real and concrete situations. What is seen in training perfectly reflects the reality that awaits them tomorrow.

The speaker is perceived as an "industrialist" and not a "teacher".  He brings, through practical and direct demonstrations that he proposes, a dynamic vision of the sector in which our young people will evolve from their diploma in their pocket.

"These courses bring motivation and openness to students » says one of the teachers with whom we had the opportunity to collaborate.

Easy to use and very intuitive material:

The training material used during the training sessions was designed to be practical, intuitive and representative of Domestia's wide range of programming possibilities and home automation systems.

When the trainer arrives in each school, all that is needed is an electrical socket to run the demo boxes and immerse the students in the heart of the matter: program a home automation system.

A didactic document summarizes the use of the box. Here again, a collaboration between the trainer and the professors is important in order to bring the links between the industrial world and the theoretical courses of electricity.

In this process, we seek their opinion after each training to improve the proposed content, but also the didactic material.

"A very practical material, easy to use and intuitive. A document that summarizes everything "," Perfect, do not change anything ", ... these are the last comments that complete the ultra positive feedback we have every time!

Domotics rooted in the present and forward-looking

At Domestia, we pay close attention to new technologies and develop our range in this direction. We innovate every day to offer products that meet the digital challenge: always more optimized, always more efficient, always more technological ...

Thus, during the trainings, we put forward solutions studied by Domestia to facilitate this link towards connectivity. From September Domestia and Google Home will be presented to students for example.

For these electricians in the making, these ultra-comprehensive training modules bring real added value to their future work and give them the tools they need to start their professional life.

For more information on the different sessions (place, time ...), click on the following link:http://www.domestia.be/en/formations-domotique-domestia-academy
Achieve energy saving with home automation 
Home automation does not only create moments of life full of joy and happiness, it improves your daily life in the home from a comfort, security and energy management point of view. It helps you to reduce your overall energy consumption by playing on the following points:

- Heating management

When we know that heating is the first energy expenditure of a home, it is interesting to look at alternative solutions to reduce its consumption. For example, home automation allows you to individually program each device, increase or decrease the temperature depending on the time of day. In the long term, such a control considerably reduces your heating consumption.

- Electricity management

Lighting is the second most important source of energy expenditure. It represents 18% of the electricity consumption of a home.
With home automation, you can turn off or on your lights in one click. Finished the situation where you forget to press the switch when you leave! No more surprises on receipt of the bill!

- Management of electrical equipment

It is estimated that 50% of the annual electricity consumption is generated by the devices on standby (computers, microwave oven, television ...).  It represents 11% of the consumption of a home. Thanks to home automation, you can put an end to their ghost consumption and save up to 80 € / year.

Basically, opting for home automation products will reduce your bill by 15%.

Want to know more about our solutions? Contact us by mail or by phone at 0032 4 372 07 16
Have a wonderful Christmas thanks to creations of atmospheres !
Because a Smart Home offers many opportunities to create a living environment of quality, beauty, energy saving, DOMESTIA offers the little detail that makes the difference to perfect any installation: the creation of atmosphere. With our "Smart-Home" management system, the DME-LAN-002, you can, when programming your lighting, create your future ambiances by planning scenarios that can be activated at any time with a single click or from a simple switch. An invitation to create unique atmospheres for holidays for example! And in practice, how is it going? Scenario creation is done only during programming. Subsequently, the user has the possibility to activate, whenever he wishes, scenarios specific to his installation, either via a switch or via Home on Web (our platform on the cloud). It is a tailor-made service, designed to offer you an unforgettable experience.

To find out what to do: click here.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Domestia provides the lighting management system for the new Van Der Valk hotel in Liège

Domestia has another customer! After La Citadelle Hospital, the new Mithra factories, Wanze Golf Club, etc, it is the Van Der Valk hotel’s turn to make the most of our expertise: a ray of sunshine for a place with lots of character and prestige.

In fact, we have carried out meticulous work for the management of the hotel's lighting system: a unique system consisting of the installation of several management units interconnected via a network.

From the study of the different spaces and their individual requirements to the design of the whole lighting system, we configured the system to make it as optimal as possible.


It has been configured and designed to maximise the functions of each space:

• Economic management for work areas (cleaning, kitchen, etc)

• The creation of ambiances for areas such as the wellness and beauty centre and the business centre (conference and meeting rooms)

• Various themes for the bedrooms (summer, winter, festivities, special events, etc)

Added value making this hotel unique.

Our professionalism, expertise and perfectionism mean we are now a benchmark for intelligent Belgian solutions.
Our customers include La Citadelle Hospital, Mithra, Wanze Golf Club, Gavius Club, Fly-In Liège, Standard Liège, as well as the Bruges Beer Experience, the Waterloo Memorial, Soignies Cultural Centre, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Because we are proud of this prestigious project and all the others, we want to celebrate them with a competition on our Facebook page. We are offering you the chance to win a night in a Van der Valk hotel in Belgium in a Honeymoon Suite with jacuzzi. You are free to choose any hotel but do not hesitate to visit the Liège hotel to see our work!

During your stay, you will have access to:

•   The room and its luxury facilities;

•   The two famous breakfast buffets; and

•   Access to the wellness club and heated indoor pool for two.

This prize is valid for a Sunday arrival reserved in advance and subject to availability.

In addition, if you are already a Domestia customer and you are lucky enough to win this competition, we will give you a 10% discount on your next purchase (a recent copy of your last bill will be required to prove eligibility).

Click on the link to enter.
Push home automation further ! Make your days real events !

With the arrival of autumn, the temperatures that fall, the cold that settles ... We have only one desire: to snuggle home warm, a hot chocolate in one hand, a book in a other.

Did you know, thanks to Domestia, you can offer these cozy moments to your customers by programming events that will surprise them with simplicity and comfort.

With our Home Manager V3 app (compatible with iOS, Android and Windows) you can configure them for them or suggest they manage them themselves with Home on web. A child's play! With a few clicks, they are able to program up to 20 customizable events each day of the week. No need to anticipate the desired actions !

And if you imagine the following scenarios:

- The day itself, a house that wakes up gently: dim light thanks to a controlled intensity to start the day and your blinds that rise to illuminate your different living rooms.
- In the evening, a cozy and welcoming home where life is good: Ambient light and heating programmed to welcome you upon your return.

With the option "Create a new event" in the "Events" section on Home on Web, the happiness of your customers is at your fingertips!
Invite them to discover this feature by clicking here (academy.domestia.com).
All you have to do is navigate through the different areas of this virtual installation and test the event functionality to be sure !

For more information or to know how to proceed, contact us.
Coming soon... The Starter Kit V2
You were waiting for it... It's coming soon! We will be launching very soon our brand new product: the Starter Kit v2, a revolution in our range of products that promises you even more creative ways to manage your installations, in the simplest way you can imagine !

As a reminder, the Starter Kit allows you, using manual programming (via the use of 5 push
buttons) to attribute diverse functions to the outlets of the Starter Kit and to use the following functions:

  • Switch mode: emulation of a switch.
  • Relay mode: reception of dimmers or detectors.
  • Timer mode
  • All ON or selective mode.
  • All OFF or selective mode.
  • Presence simulator mode.

For a more detailed explanation, we invite you to follow the link to the product here.

The Starter Kit v2 will offer you, on one hand, all these features, and on the other hand many
others which we will talk about in detail very soon.

The release date is scheduled between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

Stay tuned!


We told you a few time ago about the launching of our exclusive Home Manager V3 application. It’s now official: this is available as a beta version on iOS.

Just to remind you, Home Manager V3 is the official app that Domestia designed for the –certified– installers.

This allows you among all to keep an eye on each installation, to make sure of the configuration of all your device and to manager their functions. Centralization of the data, remotely management of the problems and most of all, satisfaction of your clients, up to you!

You will be able to configure any installation containing a DME-LAN-002 regarding lightning, shutters and blinds, but also temperature.

For more information, please click here.

Please note that you may become an active member of the Domestia experience and take part to the improvement of the app. How? Become a beta-tester and send us your feedback. Don’t hesitate any longer, take contact with us by clicking here and filling in the enquiry form here.
Nous formons la jeunesse!

Chez Domestia, nous sommes convaincus que prétendre à une expérience dans la domotique est une valeur ajoutée considérable pour tout électricien ! 

Dans le cadre d’une collaboration avec des établissements de la Communauté française, nous dispensons des journées de formation à l’attention des élèves du secondaire, mais également du supérieur, de promotion sociale et de l’IFAPME.

Nous nous sommes associés par exemple avec l’institut HELMo (Haute Ecole Libre Mosane) et proposons des journées initiation à la domotique.

Notre responsable commercial, disposant d’une solide expérience dans le domaine, donne une introduction brève mais fonctionnelle à la domotique. Lors de cette journée, la pratique se joint à la théorie et permet en quelques heures seulement d’en maîtriser les bases.

Vous pouvez retrouver toutes les informations en cliquant ici et ici .

A noter que l’institut Saint Laurent de Liège et l’IFAPME intégreront dès l’année prochaine une initiation aux concepts de la domotique.

Vous êtes intéressé(e)s par ce type d’atelier ? N’hésitez pas à nous contacter par email à l’adresse suivante : info@domestia.be afin de connaître la liste complète des écoles et centres de formations en Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles avec lesquels nous travaillons.
Domestia launches its application
Our motto: to ease your life! You may be a client or an installer, we always aim to make your life simple. In the pursuit of that achievement, we have launched our new app. Designed for the installers, this Domestia application is the indispensable tool to manage your installations.

Let us explain further.

How does it work?

Conceived on intuition and logic, the Domestia app allows you to keep an eye on each and every installation, ensure the configuration of each device and manage all their options. You also may remotely amend the name and functions of your outputs, associate outputs to push-buttons, create an order group, visualize information thanks to pictograms, save a file thanks to the REC-option.

A beta version of the application is already available on the Android Market and will be launched on the App Store in the near future. You may simply download it on your smartphone or tablet.

Why to download it?

The main advantages of the app are the centralization of your data and the easy extraction of necessary information. Furthermore, you may note a possibility to remotely manage eventual daily problems. To sum up: more and more satisfied clients and a considerable time gain!

So don’t wait any longer, be the first! Download our app without delay!
Domestia à Cebeo Technologies
L'équipe Domestia sera présente pour vous accueillir lors du salon Cebeo Technologies les 16, 17 et 18 mai prochain sur notre stand n°213.


Your Business, Our Solutions & Business
Vous ne voulez pas manquer le plus important salon du secteur électrotechnique?Alors notez vite dans votre agenda le salon biennal Cebeo Technologie 2017 les 16-17-18 mai.

L’événement aura lieu aux Palais 3 et Palais 8 à Brussels Expo, chaque jour de 14h à 22h.

Cebeo Technologie 2017 rassemble des produits innovants et des solutions de plus de 150 fabricants renommés.

Elargissement en raison du succès
Suite au vif succès rencontré lors des éditions précédentes, nous avons décidé cette année d’étendre la superficie à 13.000 m² aux Palais 3 et Palais 8.

Nouveau: Tooling Village
A Palais 8 un Tooling Village de 2.000 m² proposera les derniers développements des fabricants. Une nouveauté qui vaut certainement le détour !

Cette année, le thème est YOUR BUSINESS, OUR SOLUTIONS & SERVICES. Découvrez comment Cebeo et les fabricants soutiennent vos activités et poursuivent le développement de solutions et de services sur mesure.
Domestia goes to Orlando !
The 10th, 11th and 12th january 2017, the International Builder Show will be held at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Domestia will be there in order for you to discover the "know-how" and our cutting edge technology Made in Belgium, in collaboration with the Walloon Export and Investment Agency. Find out all the latest news on www.buildersshow.com for more information!
Become a partner giving you exposure on our website !
You're an electrical or a general contractor and you wish to be part of our Domestia certified partner network? Say it out loud on our website !

Go to on our "Where to find us ?" website section and fill in your request in the adequate fields. Once your request approved, you will be listed in our certified partner section, giving you exposure ! Consequently, all our website visitors will be able to find and contact you !
Domestia Academy
Mettez toutes les chances de votre côté et participez à nos modules de formation Domestia Academy, c'est gratuit et en plus cela vous permet de devenir "installateur domotique certifié". Un seul module suffit pour jongler avec nos différentes références et devenir un as de la programmation.

Nos prochaines dates :

Jeudi 26 mai 2016 à 17h.
Jeudi 23 juin 2016 à 17h.
Jeudi 8 septembre à 17h.

Nos modules de formation durent en moyenne 90 minutes et un catering est prévu afin de vous restraurer.N'oubliez pas de vous inscrire gratuitement à Domestia Academy.

Inscrivez-vous directement ici.
New Blavier home by Domestia
Une nouvelle petite perle de la construction va intégrer le réseau de maisons témoins Blavier. Située à Montigny-le-Tilleul, commune au sud-ouest de Charleroi, elle y accueille toute personne désireuse de construire sa maison. Lors de votre visite, vous découvrirez non seulement tous les avantages dont vous pourrez profiter en tant que candidat bâtisseur mais également toutes les spécificités de cette nouvelle construction.

L'ouverture de cette nouvelle maison témoin est prévu pour le mois d'octobre. Contactez Blavier afin d'être un des premiers à découvrir la maison! 

Quel est l’intérêt de visiter une maison témoin ?

La visite d’une maison témoin est enrichissante à de nombreux points de vue : se faire une idée de la superficie, de la disposition des pièces, …… Grâce à cela, vous pourrez plus facilement concevoir ou modifier les plans de votre future maison. De plus, cela vous permettra de vous faire une idée sur les dernières tendances en matière de techniques de construction et/ou sur l’aménagement intérieur.

Visiter une maison témoin c’est aussi avoir un contact concret avec une entreprise de construction. C’est aussi le moment rêvé pour lever le voile sur toutes vos interrogations liées au processus de relation. Une relation de confiance est primordiale et constitue la base de votre projet.

La maison témoin de Montigny-Le-Tilleul

Il s’agit d’une maison construite sur un terrain en pente. Son jardin se trouve donc un étage plus haut que la route.

Le rez-de-chaussée (niveau route) comprend un grand bureau permettant l’exercice d’une activité professionnelle ainsi qu’un double garage.

Au 1er étage (niveau jardin) se trouvent la cuisine ouverte sur la salle à manger, une chambre « parents » avec dressing et une salle de douche.

Au 2ème étage se trouvent deux chambres, un espace détente et une salle de bains.

La combinaison de la brique avec le crépi ainsi que les espaces ouverts rendent cette construction résolument contemporaine.

Au niveau technique, cette maison a été construite avec un haut niveau d’isolation (murs, sols, toit) et avec un équipement standard c’est-à-dire : un chauffage au gaz et une ventilation C+ EVO. Un système domotique Domestia a également été intégré et permet de gérer l’éclairage de l’ensemble du bâtiment.

Consultez le website du constructeur sur www.blavier.be
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