Simple home automation with no additional costs

Developing a home is a life project focused on the future where everything contributes to your well-being, meets your requirements and evolves with you. Home automation is no longer a luxury but a modern comfort tool. Thanks to home automation, you can improve your security, avoid wasting energy and guarantee your well-being. From the management of light points to your heating and management of your blinds, the DOMESTIA home-automation system can meet your needs. The obvious user-friendliness of DOMESTIA, particularly its accessibility to all, makes it a unique system which naturally fits into your everyday life and your future. The ability to manage the system via a smartphone and Internet access makes it a scalable system able to accommodate new technologies. DOMESTIA can provide all this for a price which is far removed from the expensive price tags associated with home automation.


Without knowing it, you have been using home automation for many years, notably when you lock or unlock your vehicle remotely, or activate its alarm, for regulating the temperature based on the outside temperature, when the headlights come on or go off depending on requirements or even the fact that your car consumes a third less than it did 10 years ago. All these undeniable facts mean it is already part of your daily life, but what about in your home? Thanks to home automation, you can easily manage your home and your vehicle in an intelligent way: saving energy and guaranteeing comfort and security.

saves energy 

DOMESTIA allows you to optimise your electricity consumption: the lights come on only when needed and you can optimise your night-electricity usage. The heating is at the right temperature for the length of time required and this helps you save 10% on your energy bills without even trying.

guarantees your security

DOMESTIA allows you to relax when you leave home by allowing you to turn off all your appliances with a single button. An automatic presence simulation is activated to deter intruders.

manages your comfort

DOMESTIA regulates the temperature of each room according to your preferences; each light or electrical device can be turned on or off at a time of your choosing. This means that your bathroom is inviting when you get up in the morning and your blinds open automatically.

Biocompatibility contributes to your well-being

We are surrounded by electrical and electromagnetic fields which can be dangerous for our bodies. As soon as an appliance is connected to the electricity, it generates one of these fields and to remove this you need to disconnect the electricity during the night.
DOMESTIA looks after your health and that of those around you: the two phases are removed in a single action, even automatically if you so wish, and the dangerous fields disappear.
Thanks to DOMESTIA, your way of life changes, your house is adapted to your requirements and you can add or change requirements as you wish at any time.

Boost the guarantee of your Domestia system to 5 years ! *

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