NEW ! - Module 12 relay outputs 10A
The module of 12 relay outputs 10A enables the programming and the managing of mixed functions such as electrical sockets, lamps, shutters, …via a unique order bus.

In the « master » mode, the module allows to program maximum 48 outputs. So you can handle lots of functionalities for smaller or larger facilities.

Programming :

Equipped with a LCD display and 6 buttons, programming this module is easier and all the more intuitive.

With our Domestia application « Home Manager » you can also program from your tablet, your smartphone or even your PC.*

Connected management :

To control your installation, nothing could be easier ! In addition the pushbuttons, you can also handle it via our application Home Connect*, our web-application  Home-on-Web* or even via one of the following voice assistants* : Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri from Apple !

This kit is made of a DMC-012-003 module and 12 identification modules DMI-006-001.

*Only possible with a DMC/DKS-012-003 master module
Technical details

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