Without a doubt, the leading product in the Domestia line is the “DKS-012-002” Starter Kit which includes a "DMC-012-002” card and 12 “DMI-006-001” identification modules. It can easily manage the electrical installations for a 3-bedroom appartment or a single-family dwelling. The Starter Kit allows you to configure up to 12 circuits and 72 control points.

The Starter Kit allows you, using manual programming (via the 5 buttons) to operate 12 outlets from the base card and to use the following functions:

Stepping switch mode: emulation of a switch.
Relay mode: reception of dimmers or detectors.
Timer mode: timer from 30 secs to 127 mins with or without delay action.
All ON or selective mode.
All OFF or selective mode with or without a 30-sec delay from your departure.
Presence simulator mode.
Group mode: management of 4 output groups.

Need more ?
The Starter Kit's “DMC-012-002” card can be used as the basis of a system with extendable capacities. You just need to connect several cards to achieve the number of lights circuits required. Each card manages 12 light circuits and Domestia allows you to configure installations of 24, 36, 48 light circuits.
Technical details

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